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Ford Service Department

All Ford vehicles offer innovative features designed to increase your safety, comfort and convenience.

Keeping your Ford running smoothly takes expert training, dedication and passion. Trust our team of passionate technicians to make the most of over 115 years of service experience to look after your vehicle.

Bring your vehicle to our West Coast Ford Service Centre for quality parts and expert service from the people who know your Ford best.

To Ford Service Technicians, every part counts. Book now with your West Coast Ford Service Technicians

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Seasons change and so do vehicle maintenance needs. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your Ford was serviced by Ford-Trained Technicians at West Coast Ford Lincoln.

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Free Wheel Alignment Check

West Coast Ford Lincoln | Free Wheel Alignment Check

At West Coast Ford Lincoln every time your vehicle is in the shop, we do a free wheel alignment check. We do this to make sure that your vehicle is in tip top shape, from the ground up.

A wheel alignment check ensures that your tires aren’t prematurely worn out and also continues to keep your fuel economy as great as the first day you got your vehicle. [continue reading…]