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Distracted Driving Campaign

Distracted driving is a factor in over 4 million vehicle crashes in North America each year. West Coast Ford Lincoln actively promotes distraction-free driving and is committed to raising awareness of its dangers by joining the Auto Dealers Against Distracted Driving Campaign. The team at West Coast Ford Lincoln is taking it upon themselves to engage in the conversation about what distracted driving is and why it needs to be eliminated from our roadways 100%.
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February is all about families at West Coast Ford Lincoln!

Would your family love an Annual Family Pass to Science World?

As a special thank you to your family we are including an Annual Family Pass to Science World at no extra charge on the purchase of select 2017 and 2018 Ford models.

PLUS until February 28th get your first three payments on us, up to $1,500 on select 2017 and 2018 models.

Shop our new Ford inventory online

Are you a Costco Member? Eligible Costco members can save an additional $1,000.

From our family to yours, Happy Family Day, we’ll see you and your family in the showroom.


WE Scare Hunger Campaign With Albion Elementary

West Coast Ford Lincoln | WE Scare Hunger Campaign

West Coast Ford Lincoln was happy to partner with Albion Elementary in Maple Ridge for the WE Scare Hunger Campaign this past Halloween.

The WE Scare Hunger Campaign provides groups or individuals with an opportunity to contribute to their local community while raising awareness on the root causes of hunger by holding a food drive or by trick-or-treating for canned goods.

West Coast Ford Lincoln picked up Albion Elementary’s generous donations, totalling 1,373lbs, and dropped them off at the Friends in Need Food Bank.

Be a force of change in your community!


Lincoln Roadside Assistance

Lincoln Roadside Assistance | Peace of Mind

Lincoln Roadside Assistance is a free-of-charge service, available for all Lincoln vehicles. This important service helps to maximize safety, pleasure and convenience during the operation of your Lincoln vehicle. [click to continue…]


Life get’s so busy! Here at West Coast Ford Lincoln we want to make the process of buying a car as easy as possible.

With the new Test Drive at Home Program; West Coast Ford Lincoln will bring your favourite car, truck or SUV to you!

Give us a call at (604) 465-5434 or visit our website http://www.westcoastfordlincoln.com/ and let us help you find the perfect vehicle.


If you are the original owner of a 2011-2015 Ford Fiesta or a 2012-2015 Ford Focus you can save up to $2000 for trading your car in.

Come in to West Coast Ford Lincoln and take advantage of the savings on these models!

Up to $500 savings on a new Ford Fiesta, Focus or C-MAX.

Up to $1000 on a new Fusion or on most other Ford or Lincoln models up to $2000.

Come see Nick Davis and the team at West Coast Ford Lincoln today or you can call (604) 465-5434 or visit http://www.westcoastfordlincoln.com/.


If you are the current owner of a Ford F-150 model – Ford Canada wants to give you $1000 to upgrade to a new 2017 Ford F-150.

At West Coast Ford Lincoln we have over 200 Ford F-150 models.

Give us a call at (604) 465-5434 or visit our website http://www.westcoastfordlincoln.com/.

We look forward to seeing you, and your F-150 in the showroom.

Sales Team
West Coast Ford Lincoln


Ford SYNC Connect

Ford SYNC Connect | Technological Revolution

As you enter into your daily routine in a durable and innovative Ford, you are given an array of Ford SYNC Connect features to keep you in touch with the things that matter most to you. A large variety of SYNC technologies are found with the available SYNC/SYNC with MyFord, SYNC with MyFord Touch and SYNC 3. [click to continue…]


How To Drive In The Snow | West Coast Ford Lincoln

Hi, I’m Nick Davis from West Coast Ford Lincoln and behind me we’ve got something we don’t normally have here in Vancouver, snow! So I thought this is a great time for me to give you a few tips on how to drive in the snow.

The biggest concerns about driving in the snow are making sure that you have good visibility and you’re staying on the road. The first thing you need to do is remove all the snow from your car.  Take a few extra minutes make sure there’s no snow on your windshield, your hood, the roof, the hatchback, the side windows, etc. make sure you’re clear because you have to have good visibility. When you’re driving around and if you leave snow on the top of your car as you accelerate it’s going to fly back on the rear window and you’re not going to be able to see behind you. It’s so important to be able to see what you’re doing in the snow. [click to continue…]


FordPass | Advanced Connectivity

FordPass | Advanced Connectivity

Elevate your connectivity as you utilize the advanced FordPass App. This app has been intelligently designed to bring you remote access to your SYNC Connect equipped vehicle for control over features such as starting the engine through your smartphone device, helping you turn everyday tasks into worthwhile experiences. [click to continue…]

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