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Ford F-350

Neil Takes on August in His F-350

Congratulations to Gordon Norrie’s customer Neil on the purchase of his brand-new Ford F-350. Enjoy your new truck and see you soon!

Darryl and Shonna Get a New F-350!


Congratulations to Gordon Norrie’s customers Darryl and Shonna on the purchase of their brand new Ford F-350. They are excited to be replacing their F-150 for the F-350 as it will help them tow their trailer! Congratulations and look forward to seeing the both of you soon!

Landscaping Gets Easier for Greg with Ford!


This beautiful lifted Ford F-350 has a proud new owner, Greg Gardner. Greg was able to find this F-350 with help from Sales Consultant, Gordon Norrie. Greg is ready to bring his truck to all his landscaping jobs! Congratulations.