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2016 Ford Mustang

Dylan Takes His Mustang Home to Kamloops

Congratulations to Dawood Francis’ customer Dylan on his 2016 Ford Mustang! Dawood has been dealing with his family and friends from Kamloops since 2013! His dad purchased his new truck from Dawood in 2013 which he loves and is still driving! As Dylan says “Second generation customer! Taken care of like family!” Enjoy your new car and see you soon!

Michelle Takes Home a Stunning New Mustang!


Congratulations to David House’s customer Michelle Hill on the purchase of her brand new 2016 Ford Mustang! This car is absolutely stunning and is fully loaded with so many features! We know you will enjoy driving this car around! Enjoy Michelle, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Sharlene Gets the Ultimate Summer Car!


Congratulations to Sharlene Sayer on the purchase of her new 2016 Ford Mustang! With help from Sales Consultant, Jimi Garvey, Sharlene is driving off our lot in this beautiful convertible Mustang! This vehicle is fully loaded and is the ultimate Summer car! We know you will have plenty of memories in your new Mustang, enjoy!

The Perfect Addition for Every Car Collector!


Congratulations to Gordon Norrie’s customer Darren, who came all the way from Castlegar to purchase his brand new 2016 Mustang. This car is absolutely stunning, and the colour shines in the sunshine! We hope you enjoy your Mustang for many years, it will make a PERFECT addition to your car collection! We look forward to seeing you soon.

2016 Ford Mustang Review

2016 Ford Mustang | Capture the Adrenaline

Disclaimer: Video Shows 2015 Ford Mustang Model

Drive with an unleashed ambition for more in the 2016 Ford Mustang and experience Canada’s Best-Selling Automotive Brand Seven Years In A Row. Bold exterior features and luxurious interior amenities come together to represent a high-class take on a legendary sports car model. You are given four engines to choose from, each with an impressive list of performance abilities, so that all you have to do is decide where to go. Available trim levels include the Ford Mustang V6 Fastback, EcoBoost Fastback, V6 Convertible, EcoBoost Premium Fastback, GT Fastback, EcoBoost Premium Convertible, GT Premium Fastback, GT Premium Convertible, Shelby GT350, and the Shelby GT 350R. [continue reading…]