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2014 Ford F-150

Josh & Kate Find the Perfect F-150

Congratulations to Alham Ahmadzai’s customers Josh & Kate, on the vehicle purchase of their 2014 Ford F-150!

Josh and Kate were in the market to upgrade from their current truck, and found the perfect option at our Kia dealership that fit their family’s needs! Equipped with the longer box and SuperCab configuration, this F-150 with super low kilometres offered all the space they needed for storage, space and comfort! On top of that, this truck is nicely equipped with neat features, such as a rear view camera with rear sensors, phone Bluetooth connectivity, XTR chrome appearance giving it a sharp look in combination with the silver metallic colour, and more!

Thank you for your business Josh & Kate, and we look forward to serving you more in the near future!

Gaetano is Loving Life in an F-150

Congratulations to Aaron Wellman’s customer Gaetano Bordignon on the purchase of his 2014 Ford F-150. Enjoy your new ride and we look forward to seeing you again!


Scott’s Feeling Stellar in a New Truck

Scott - Ford F150 FX4

Congratulations to Gene Vickers’ customer Scott from Foreshore Technologies on the purchase of his brand new 2014 FX4 F-150. He would like to say his experience was like “Buying a car from a best friend”. Job well done and enjoy your new truck!

James Looks Good in Blue

2014 Ford F-150

Congratulations to Gene Vicker’s and John Grass’ customer James on the purchase of his brand new 2014 F-150 in blue flame! James would like to say “Gene, John and Santino were amazing!”

2014 Ford F-150

Congratulations to John Grass’ customer John on the purchase of his brand new 2014 Ford F-150. This truck is fully loaded, both John and his family will enjoy this new ride! John would like to say “Dealing with John Grass’ was a great experience”. Congratulations and job well done!

Greg’s Driving the Dream

greg and thomas byrne

Congratulations to Thomas Byrne’s friend Greg on the purchase of his brand new 2014 Ford F-150. After driving plenty of vehicles over the past few years Greg finally upgraded into his dream truck, this truck makes a huge difference as he now has a reliable vehicle. Greg won’t miss the opportunity to get him safely up all of the local mountains to go snowboarding as often as he can. Congratulations on your truck and job well done!

Patrick Loves His F-150

Patrick Monk

Congratulations to Patrick on the purchase of his brand new 2014 Ford F-150. Gene Vickers’ made Patrick’s choice extremely easy and painless. Patrick loves his new F-150 and can’t wait to continue to drive it for years to come! Looking good, and congratulations!

Van City Air Control Gets Grounded with F-150’s

photo (1)

Congratulations to Thomas Byrne’s friends at Van City Air Control on the purchase of their two brand new Ford F-150’s. This is the 9th vehicle the company have added to the fleet with many more to come. These Ford F-150’s will make their 100% satisfaction goal very achievable. Congratulations guys!

The F-150 Fits Dylan’s Lifestyle

photo (1) (450 x 600)

Congratulations to Dylan on the purchase of his brand new 2014 Ford F-150. Dylan quotes “It was an enjoyable experience” purchasing his vehicle with the help of Robert Walker. Looking good and enjoy your new ride!