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FordPass Remote Features are Now Complimentary!

At West Coast Ford Lincoln, we’re excited to announce that Ford is the first full-line automaker to offer its remote vehicle services, FordPass, complimentary to all of its customers.

Effective October 1, 2019, FordPass remote features will now be complimentary for all existing and future FordPass members for the life of the network; eliminating any previous 1yr / 2yr / 5yr trial subscriptions (including 17MY – 20MY vehicles).

Stay connected and in control as you benefit from the features of FordPass such as the ability to start, stop, lock/unlock, and access your vehicles location and health when you need to.

 Our full suite of complimentary FordPass App features include:

    • Remote start / stop / lock / unlock
    • Vehicle location where last parked
    • Schedule maintenance appointments (at participating SMARTT dealerships)
    • Scheduled time start
    • Vehicle status e.g. fuel level, tire inflation level
    • Find points of interest e.g. Ford dealer, parking, fuel stations, charge locations
    • Send directions to embedded navigation
    • Battery electric vehicle unique features
    • Digital Owners Manual
    • Call / chat / email our FordGuides

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