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Lincoln Black Label Experience

Buyers in the market for luxury vehicles will want to know about the Lincoln Black Label program coming to Canada. It is expected to begin in the fourth quarter with a focus on personal service, quality and design.

The dealerships participating in the Black Label program have not been confirmed yet, but they will be in the major markets, according to Eric Bolduc, Canada sales and experience manager for Lincoln. Customers can expect to enjoy several exclusive features if they choose to participate in the Lincoln Black Label program. They include vehicle service pick-up and drop-off, free loaners for service, an annual detailing with no charge and car washes anytime.

The Lincoln Black Label Experience

The major benefit of this program is the opportunity to customize a new vehicle with a Black Label consultant. This includes adding options, choosing materials and creating a distinct look that suits their style. All of this will happen in a special area with a showroom studio.

These consultants will receive extensive training with online courses and even an in-store session to teach them how to provide the ultimate personal experience. A part of the program will include a traveling version that can be taken to the customer’s home or office. More than just a unique level of customization or special models, the Black Label program is about the definition of luxury for Lincoln owners.

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