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Janiece & Robert’s Electric Search is Over with Alham at West Coast Ford Lincoln

Congratulations to Alham Ahmadzai’s customers Janiece & Robert, on the vehicle purchase of her brand-new Mustang Mach-E premium extended range!

Janiece was searching for a new electric vehicle, as her daily commute to and from work was causing her to spend a substantial amount of money on gas. It happened to be the perfect timing as this beautiful ‘Grabber Blue’ just happened to become available, and was exactly what she was looking for!

This Mach-E is well equipped with all the latest features, including intelligent adaptive cruise control, the set up for autonomous driving, a 15.5” centre touch screen with built in navigation, and the list just goes on.

Enjoy all the gas savings on your sweet new ride Janiece, and we look forward to seeing you and Robert again soon!