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FordPass | Advanced Connectivity

FordPass | Advanced Connectivity

Elevate your connectivity as you utilize the advanced FordPass App. This app has been intelligently designed to bring you remote access to your SYNC Connect equipped vehicle for control over features such as starting the engine through your smartphone device, helping you turn everyday tasks into worthwhile experiences.

To activate your remote access, download FordPass from your App Store or Google Play. If you already have a Ford Account you can login, or you can create an account with some basic information through the app. Once you are signed in, you are able to add any SYNC Connect equipped Ford through the Add Vehicle tab. Simply utilize your smartphone camera to scan your vehicle’s VIN barcode to synchronize one or more Ford vehicles. You are also able to assign a vehicle nickname for quick identification. Once your vehicle has been added to FordPass, you are able to activate SYNC Connect through the app, as well as allow access to your vehicle on the touchscreen. You will then need to allow FordPass at vehicle start up once more after a 24-hour period. If you do not allow FordPass within 10 startups, you will lose access to some remote features and may need to reactivate SYNC Connect on FordPass from the beginning. You are also able to access an array of FordGuides for help along the way!


Increase your productivity and streamline your driving experience with the help of the advanced FordPass app. Come down to West Coast Ford Lincoln where our team of highly trained professionals can help you learn more about FordPass today!

Nick Davis
West Coast Ford Lincoln



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