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2017 Lincoln Continental Review

2017 Lincoln Continental | West Coast Ford Lincoln | Vancouver, BC

2017 Lincoln Continental Exterior Front End

What may have been thought of as your father’s father’s car in years gone by, the 2017 Lincoln Continental challenges that thinking with a bold and striking appearance that speaks of elegant and class for any age group. The bold one-piece signature Lincoln grille featuring a distinctive Lincoln Star mesh is designed to turn heads.

2017 Lincoln Continental Interior Seating

Each innovative E-Latch door handle hosts a small button and when given a simple touch, unlatches the door electronically, allowing it to be opened in a single smooth motion, while handle position ensures the Continental’s long flowing lines remain intact. And the available twin-panel roof presents an all glass two-panel sky view. The power retractable front panel glides open without obstructing the overhead view of rear seat passengers.

Inside, the Lincoln Continental was crafted to present amenities and create an overwhelmingly graceful experience. Designers worked to eliminate and reduce lines that can divide an interior, giving rise to a more connected flow.  The seamless center console and laser cut roll-top tambour cup holder door indicate deliberate attention to a purposeful yet pleasing aesthetic. Indoor seat controls, a front driver seat that fully retracts as you exit, striking wood inlays and rich leather surfaces surround you in an interior execution that is rejuvenating and decidedly Continental.

2017 Lincoln Continental Interior Dashboard

Some notable features on the 2017 Lincoln Continental include available 30-way adjustable seats. With its range of movement, including independent thigh extenders, you can easily adjust the seat to your uniquely comfortable position.Scotland’s Bridge of Weir has long been a supplier of fine automotive upholstering, so it was only fitting for them to bring their soft, supple leather to a new symbol of first-class international travel. This leather goes through a 16-hour softening process, which is a considerably longer process than those used for most automotive leathers.  The 2017 Lincoln Continental is the only vehicle in its class to offer it. And, of course, there’s the Lincoln embrace. The Lincoln Continental detects your key fob as you approach. Once the key has been detected, the Continental awakens with a thoughtful sequence of activity.  Headlights and tail lights illuminate, a striking Lincoln welcome mat is projected on the ground, and the E-Latch door handle pockets glow. All this happens while the interior dome light guides the way.  And the drive is everything you would expect from a luxury sedan of this class and even more. Lincoln drive controls are a collection of drive-enhancing technologies to make driving a Lincoln Continental more enjoyable.  

Continuously controlled damping uses a suite of sensors to monitor and automatically adjust the suspension.  Electric-Powered Assisted Steering offers light response steering assist for confident control, and active noise control uses noise-cancelling technology to cancel out unwanted noise.  And with an available twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter GTDI V6 engine, efficient horsepower per liter output and an AWD powertrain, the Continental is a drive you are sure to remember. With Dynamic Torque Vectoring up to 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque, it’s also a drive you will want to repeat.

2017 Lincoln Continental Exterior Rear End

The 2017 Lincoln Continental truly is a refinement you can feel. Thanks so much for watching our video with the all-new Lincoln Continental, I’m Nick Davis from West Coast Lincoln. We’ll see you in the showroom.

Nick Davis
West Coast Ford Lincoln



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