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2014 Vancouver International Auto Show

General Sales Manager, Nick Davis gives us an all access backstage pass to the 2014 Vancouver International Auto Show. One of the best parts about the Vancouver International Auto Show is being able to get an exclusive sneak peek to what the industry has in store.

This year’s Auto Show showed off Ford’s growth as a company, with one of the largest displays at the exhibit. Nick is excited about Ford’s future, especially the 2015 F-150 and 2015 Mustang. The future of the F-150 offers a powered tailgate, unlike any other truck on the market, alongside crisp lines and sculpted contours. The Mustang’s future seems to be all about advancing its already powerful performance. Ford also displayed their EcoBoost engine, allowing patrons to see the advanced mechanical components of the motor.

Did you miss this year’s Vancouver International Auto Show? Then visit our showroom and check out the latest from Ford and Lincoln.

The Sales Team
West Coast Ford Lincoln